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smoothe sailing and second thoughts

Posted by newlawmom on September 15, 2009

Did I even spell that right? I’m questioning the e. I used to think I knew how to spell. Compared to the average person, I do just fine. But law school has changed all that. I don’t know how to spell. Or at least not as well as I thought I did. Punctuation? Not my strong suit, I guess. I try. Again, I used to think I was fairly competent. Detail oriented?  In my prior career, I never worried that there would be errors in my written proposal or memo or letter that would detract from my message. But so it is.  The moot court memo is submitted. And despite my very good efforts, I know there are errors. I hope they don’t hurt me too badly. I really want to succeed in this competition. Mock trial was fun, but moot court means more to me. I think when I’m a lawyer I’m going to need to pay someone to proofread my work. I don’t think the law journal and I would have gotten along well, and document review probably isn’t for me. But I sure love the legal research end of things and the actual construction of the argument was right up my alley. I doubt highly that anyone out-did me on research and analysis. I doubt it.  So we shall see what happens. I’ll let you know. Anyway, my time is freed up. That is where the smooth sailing comes into play. See, I can spell it one way in the title and one was in the sentence and be right precisely 50% of the time, and that without ever picking up a dictionary. Not bad!  Have a great day.


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