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Next Up

Posted by newlawmom on November 1, 2009

One application for the FASPE Fellowship at Auschwitz for the study of professional ethics. Now THAT would be something. I am going to apply, realizing that my chances are very slim.  That is the opportunity of a lifetime. Beyond that? I have finalized my schedule for the spring semester. It is a mixed bag. I have class five days a week instead of four, and I have one crazy day on Wednesday. On the other hand, I am out by noon two days a week. So, what’s on the list? Commercial Law (aka UCC), Law and Medicine, Administrative Law, Medical Malpractice, and the final semester of my clinic. I need to get that health law thing rolling along. I would really like a summer job in the health law field but I need to get my butt in gear if that is going to happen. Other news? Not much. My life has gone crazy, high school has re-entered my life, aka I got into a dispute with a fellow student, and that’s about it. I hope my readers had a great day. Let’s begin the countdown until exams are over, shall we?


One Response to “Next Up”

  1. I know people in the law field and immersed themselves in it 24/7, but even the most motivated people need a break. As I can see from your post, you intend on looking for a job for the summer. I think you should consider going outside of your element and look towards a day or overnight camping position. Now hear me out, you may initially think that this will do nothing for you career-wise. Why work at a camp when you could be out there working an internship for the summer and learning your craft, right? Well have you considered the fact that people from all walks of life go to such camps for a change of pace? I know for a fact that doctors, lawyers, etc. all take the time out of their busy schedules to fit being a mentor to children at such camps every year. It’s really a goldmine of networking opportunities when you think about it…plus you’ll be putting smiles on many campers faces because they will be looking at you not only to aid in their summer enjoyment, but life lessons as well like friendship, trust, and good social habits.

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