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Posted by newlawmom on November 9, 2009

I have no idea what I am doing, but I sure am getting it done. Piece by little tiny piece. Task for today – figure out some amortization tables for a commercial real estate problem. That sounds simple enough. I’m sucking energy from the bottom today, so it’s not so easy. What I’m doing here, clearly, is procrastinating. Increments of what, you might ask. I have no idea. Boredom. Slavery. Drudgery. Boredom. repeat. I’ve had plenty of happy days lately but today is not one. I want a nap. I want a Carvel Banana Foster Dasher. Where the hell did that come from? Hmm. OK. So perhaps when I am done procrastinating on the internet I can go to Carvel’s and then come home and take a nap. Maybe after that I can calculate some amortization. Like dessert only backwards. Ask me why I choose to share these random musings? Because I am 100% certain my current mental state has something to do with law school in November. I want out.  [Disclaimer: This is a momentary condition and has nothing to do with my true feelings on the matter.]


2 Responses to “increments”

  1. I am on my way also, not as soon as you. As a 63 year old mom my intention is to eventually kick butt working for a non-profit that specializes in civil rights. Jason’s Mom

    • newlawmom said

      Hi Jason’s Mom. I went to your blog. The world is a cruel place, and it is up to every person to advocate for justice when they become aware of injustices that exist. That is why I am in law school. I wish you the best.

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