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How I got here and where I’m going…

There is no short and sweet answer to that, but halfway through my first year of law school it seems appropriate to update my intro page. I am a single mother to three children. I also have a fourth child, an adopted son who is now in the custody of the state after I voluntarily relinquished my rights to him. Voluntary is a relative term. This child who I love very much is my motivation for attempting to change the system that failed him and that continues to fail thousands of children across this country.  Along the way, terrible things happened that are totally unrelated to foster care and adoption and have more to do with death, trauma, loss, and post-traumatic stress. I have survived, my children have survived, but my marriage didn’t and my ex-husband will never recover from the tragedy that struck his side of the family. (Note – I was very happily married for over 15 years and feel this loss quite profoundly) So here I am. A single mom with what is the equivalent of a “second life”. In my efforts to achieve my mission here, I have enrolled in law school, and was blessed to receive a full scholarship to my school of choice. I work for myself, as I have for years, providing rehabilitation services to people recovering from brain injuries. This 20 hour per week work limit is financially draining, but I can not fathom working any more than that while going to school full time. I have a man-friend who has been my companion now for almost three years. While it is a totally different relationship than the one I had with my husband, I feel blessed to have him in my life and love him more with every passing day.  So…I am a full-time student and a working single mother who still wants to have and enjoy relationships with others while attempting to have significant impact upon a major social problem.  Enough said. Wish me luck.


15 Responses to “How I got here and where I’m going…”

  1. Eve said

    Wow. That’s one helluva introduction!

    We have things in common; how interesting that you stumbled upon my blog.

    I’m an adoptive mother; I understand children like your son; I understand not being able to save others; I get losing people you love (my daughter died); I do believe in God. And I have a son-in-law in law school (3L), and he and our daughter are living with us until he graduates. Oh yeah. I am right there. So hello!

  2. byrningbunny said

    Very nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by. I will be back often, I’m sure.

  3. awalkabout said

    I was a single mom in law school–it’s a long haul but well worth it. Best wishes in your legal career!

  4. PT-LawMom said

    Hi there. I’m tagging you for a meme and adding you to the MILP Roundup list.

  5. Sarah said

    omg you sound very similar to me. i spent a big part of my life “saving” others too – and after many years I have made the big decision to become a lawyer. Wish me luck.. i’m taking LSAT very soon.

  6. newlawmom said

    Good luck!

  7. alwayschasingjustice said

    I’ll continue to follow your blog for additional inspiration to get through law school. I too am a working single mother of three attending law school (part time). My blog is Always Chasing Justice, please check it out.



  8. alwayschasingjustice said

    My blog address is I’ve just recently started blogging, so not much there.

  9. Julie said

    Love the sound like an outstanding woman. I will finish my bachelors in May 2010 and have been seriously considering going to law school. Most likely, I will be a single Mom at that point and will have to work full time. I found a part time, evening program that interest me. Someone please tell that it can be done! You are an inspiration!!!

    • newlawmom said

      Thanks. Just finsihing the BA is an accomplishment. Good for you. If you want to do law school, it can be done. ABA rules dictate that evening programs are of equal quality to the day program. It’s the same material.

  10. Kimberley said

    Hi Newlawmom! I’ve got some questions for you about being a single mom in law school. Would you mind sending me a message so that I can contact you via email? (I’d rather not post my law school experience on a public forum). I’m also a divorced mother, btw. I love what you are doing and you have a great blog. Thank you for writing it.

    • newlawmom said

      I’m sorry, but I keep this an anonymous blog and I don’t really have an anonymous email address I can reach you with. I guess I need to work on this! Thanks for reading and I will see what I can do about the email problem.

  11. Great to read all the replies to your blog. Mom lawyers united may be able to create the change we need. Jason’s Mom,

  12. WW said

    Wow! that must have been one heck of a personal statement. I wish you the best in law school

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