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Contracts, Grades, and a promise

Posted by newlawmom on June 8, 2009

I was sure I failed, confident my scholarship was on the line, and upset for days until I finally got to a point of acceptance. And in the end? I did fine. Pulled off a B, which is above the median. Unfortunately, one of the classes I thought I did well in ended up with a C+. But no matter how you look at it, my scholarship seems safe. I have one more grade outstanding and I don’t think it can pull me down far enough to significantly hurt me. But I have learned one lesson, and it is a mistake I will never make again. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PREDICT LAW SCHOOL GRADES. It is an impossible task. There is no way to know. I have said that before, but didn’t really believe it. Now I know from first hand experience. Today I am the happiest woman on earth. Unfortunately the outstanding grade is with a Prof. who is well-known for her delayed grades so it could still be a long wait until I am 100% certain of my fate. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I’ll write again soon about that internship. To the 0L’s reading this, enjoy the time you have left.


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1L Summer, Time Management

Posted by newlawmom on June 2, 2009

So, I’ve made it to June. Three out of five grades are in, and so far I’m doing just ok. I’ve become amazingly disconnected from caring whether I retain my scholarship or not. I have decided that the wait for law school grades is really unpleasant and I don’t have time to postpone my life while I wait, so I have moved on. I found myself floundering for a few weeks because I have far too much time on my hands. I was actually used to being busy morning, noon, and night. So I have put myself on a schedule and that has helped substantially. The basics:

1. The Internship – I am working three days a week in a local courthouse, handling administrative issues for persons accused of minor crimes and sentenced to community service and various treatments. I meet the client before they see the prosecutor and again after they face the judge. It is interesting work. During quieter times I am able to sit in court and watch criminal trials and the general criminal docket. I have actually learned alot, and met many people. My school is well-represented here, with interns working with the prosecution, defense, and other administrative positions. So far, well worth my time.

2. The Real Job – I actually do have one of those. I am working 25 hours per week with my client for the duration of the summer, with most of those hours being done on the weekends when my children are with their father.

3. The Children – The college freshman is home and already working full time and taking a summer class. She and I have a standing date on Friday evenings for dinner and a movie. Boyfriend happens to work on Friday, so that works out well for me. It is great to have her home. The boys are still in school. They will be attending camp on my work days, and will have the option of going to camp on my two days off. I lucked out with a summer playground program that runs five days a week from 8-4:30 – total cost for two children? $450 for the entire summer! That’s total, not each. There is no way to beat that. They get to play sports, swim, make crafts, and do other camp activities plus take a field trip once a week (extra $ there, but that’s ok). Thank God for Parks and Rec. Three evenings a week are devoted to the children, from 4-9 PM. So far we have made it to the public library, the park, and out for a bike ride. I can’t wait for them to be done with school so we can take a day trip or two.

4. Reading – I am on my third book. As I have shared my summer reading list elsewhere, I can not share it here, but I love to read, I missed it during law school, and I am happy to have time to do it now.

5. Writing – I also love to write. I have been keeping up with my journal, and have allotted three late evenings per week to writing. No TV, no computer, no radio. Just a notebook and a pen. Whether I end up with poetry, a novel, a collection of nonsense, or just an extension of the journal remains to be seen. Six to nine hours of writing a week should certainly lead to something.

That sums up my weekly to do list. Housework fills whatever small voids are left over. I have also managed to plant some flowers and a couple of tomato plants. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Sometime between now and the end of June I hope to have all my grades in and discover whether I will retain my scholarship or not. Until then….

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Calm productivity

Posted by newlawmom on January 12, 2009

So…I am going to like Monday’s. I have one class and hours of time to study. Today I accomplished quite a bit of research for my legal research project. The first portion of the assignment is due tomorrow.  I got my last grade – a B in Criminal Law. All told the grades look like this: A-, B+, B, B-, C+.  How’s that for a spread? I need to figure out how that happened and aim to keep my grades higher in the spring. The only good thing about those grades are that the B- and the C+ don’t count as final grades so my GPA is not totally shot.  Otherwise, I am off to a good start for the week. I had a late night tonight due to an event at the school but my daughter was home to take care of the boys so it worked out ok.  Everyone is safe and happy in their rooms at the moment and I have the house to myself.  Despite my very productive day, I do have work to do tonight for that research assignment.  Not too much, but at least a 1/2 hour of work and I am finding it hard to motivate myself. In addition I am trying to go to bed early despite being a true night person. My goal is to be in bed by 10, and I haven’t made it yet. Even 11 seems to come early, but that is the extreme limit if I expect to function at 6 tomorrow.  So… I need to go. I am having  a great week and I hope all my readers have one as well.

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The Curve

Posted by newlawmom on January 8, 2009

Two more grades came in – a B- in Civ Pro and an A- in Legal Writing and Research. The A- makes me happy, the B- less so. But the B- doesn’t count as a final grade so my final grades thus far are a B+ and an A- which doesn’t look so bad. But I am still disappointed. One more grade remains and I am praying for a B or higher. This is an interesting situation to be in at this point.  Other than being aware of a B- median, I have no idea where my class rank will be based on these grades. And yes, it matters. Unfortunately, it really does. I will feel much better when my last grade is in and I get a chance to figure out where I really stand.  Clearly, I need to do better this semester. If only I knew how to do that, I’d be in good shape.

Tomorrow brings Property and Constitutional Law. I think I’m going to like property. Constitutional Law less so. I still love Contracts even though my grade was less than stellar. I really think I can improve there, based simply on understanding the material better now that I have at least somewhat of a grasp on the subject. Civ Pro seems to be moving in a new direction this semester, and for that I am grateful. I found the first semester somewhat boring, and that could have impacted my grade. Legal Research and Writing is off to an interesting start. We got our first research assignment of the semester today and it seems exciting. For real. So that’s about it. For tonight, I am off to do some reading.  I hope my readers have a peaceful kind of day and can turn any lemons into lemonade. I have been dealt a couple this week.

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Behind Already

Posted by newlawmom on January 7, 2009

How did this happen? It is only Wednesday. I have three classes tomorrow and have the reading done for one.  A late night combined with an early morning will not be a good mix, but that is exactly what is happening I guess. My poor daughter is not feeling too well the day after having her wisdom teeth out. She is sitting next to me right now, ice pack in hand and tears dried up for the moment. The boys are just now getting to bed because when mommy has a late night, everyone has a late night. I was at school late for an event, and I really couldn’t miss it. So the kids were home taking care of each other under the careful watch of a babysitter until I got here at almost 8 with a bag of McDonalds for my own dinner in hand. This is not a good start to my time-managed, budget-conscious plans. I did get to spend a fair chunk of the morning and early afternoon at home today which was helpful. I got my resume revised but the summer job applications eluded me. I got my legal skills memo back – excellent grade, no complaints from me, but I am still waiting for my final grade to post. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed. Well, a full day lies ahead tomorrow, so I need to get busy. I hope my readers have a lovely day.

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