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Two days to go…

Posted by newlawmom on August 12, 2008

Orientation starts Friday. I didn’t do anything for law school today. I spent my time shopping with college freshman daughter of mine and enjoyed her excitement as she prepares to leave next Wednesday. I also spent the morning with my man-friend and enjoyed a lovely breakfast and a ride.  Tomorrow I will finish cleaning up in my old house and prepare for the landlord to walk through on Thursday. I do need to put a hundred gallons of oil in the tank which will just about kill me financially. I am very happy I will be splitting the heating costs this winter. It should save me significant cash. I am eager to start school. I suppose it is too late now to go back to the beginning of summer and spend hours upon hours preparing for this journey. So I will just hope I am as prepared as others. I can not afford to start at a disadvantage. In my mind Thursday is set aside to do my reading assignment for the first day. I have skimmed it. That is all. One day should be enough to do what is necessary. So….I’m keeping busy. Talk to you soon.


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A working vacation

Posted by newlawmom on August 3, 2008

So it is Sunday night and I am officially on vacation. From my job that is. In reality, I will work harder this week than I usually do. I am down to the wire. Three weeks from today I will be getting ready for my first day of class. This week I need to get myself fully moved in to my new home, get a new PO Box, change my addess with DMV, change my address on my bank accounts, get a new cell phone contract for myself and my daughter, have a tag sale on Saturday to get rid of most of my belongings, shampoo my carpets, get the car in for an oil change, and go to law school to get my photo id and stop in at the financial aid office. Somewhere in there I need to get my three kids out for a day of fun at the amusement park, our last family outing before school starts. I also need to get my daughter out shopping for the rest of her dorm supplies. The week will go by fast.

I am very excited to start school. I can’t wait to get started on my first assignments. I hope this level of enthusiasm continues through the first semester of 1L. I am as ready now as I will ever be.  I’m sure I will spend some evening time this week reading my pre-law collection of books. By four or five in the afternoon, I will need a break from physical labor. That leaves the rest of the day. I have gotten better about going to bed early, but getting up in the morning is still a problem. The kids and I will be practicing our morning schedule next week. For tonight, I need to get going. I had an awesome long weekend and I need to get to bed. I hope all my readers have a spendid week.

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Pre-vacation panic

Posted by newlawmom on July 10, 2008

Well, not panic, but time has gotten away from me. Today I ran around like an idiot and am just stopping now. Taking three children to the beach for a week involves a lot of work.  Most of the packing is done. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, taking the dog to the vet for a kennel cough vaccine, and getting over to my mother’s place. Caring for aging parents and one aging man who is not my parent would make for an interesting blog someday. Many people are dealing with that. While I am on vacation, my sister will manage that situation, and my mother will check on my house for me. So all is not lost. I am committed to taking a full week vacation from Saturday to Saturday. I will be leaving my computer behind because it interferes with my ability to totally relax and forget about real life. And I confess, it has a tendency of interfering with the time I spend with my children. I will not be using my laptop to take notes during law school because it will interfere with my ability to concentrate there. I am an unashamed addict.

On the law school front, I received my bill today. The credit balance is lovely. On the other hand, I also received my daughter’s bill for college today. That balance will eat up my credit balance in no time. I worry that my daughter does not appreciate the significant cost involved in her education. While she is a hard worker, she is also a spender. She will need to be poorer as a college student than she has ever been in her life, because I am not going to be able to support her beyond my contribution to her costs. If I send her an extra $50 a month, she’ll be lucky. I hope she is able to manage.

I’m considering the benefits of re-binding my case books for law school. I am not a rolling backpack kind of girl. Nor am I prepared to lug unnecessary weight on what will amount to a long walk from my car to the law school. I will look into this more and post when I find a solution. Of course first I would need to buy the casebooks and other required materials. I have not done that and it doesn’t look likely for tomorrow. But it might not matter because I have decided to avoid used texts, at least for this first semester. I think the highlighting of others would bother me.  So there is no rush. But who knows. Maybe tomorrow I will operate on high speed and accomplish miracles. Doubtful, but possible.

When I get back from vacation, I will have significant amounts of preparation to do. I love having this blog and I will consider ways of using it that will be useful and inspiring to others. Daily posting in the midst of 1L is probably not realistic. And I don’t want it to become an online version of my personal journal. I already have one of those. But I do think having a blog is good, and I will find a way to keep it up. Emotionally, thoughts of law school consume me. I am completing my necessary tasks, taking care of my children, going to work, etc. But my heart and mind are gone.  All I want to do is find my way to satisfaction. Law school and the ability to involve myself in intellectual matters are the ticket to happiness for me.

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