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1L updates, 2L plans

Posted by newlawmom on March 20, 2009

The more I say the higher risk of losing my anonymity and I know that but at the same time the purpose of the blog is to share the whole story for anyone who might be interested in it, and that requires sharing as I go along. So…this week I took a midterm exam for a grade, took a sample short exam in another class, participated in a week long series of speakers regarding human rights and access to fresh and potable water, practiced my oral argument in front of my peers, and continued to look for work. I got my dreaded memo back, although there is no grade yet, and fully recognize that I could have done a better job if I had more time to put into it. I have found a new job opportunity – one that I would really like to have. Still don’t have a job though, not even one interview, and that hurts. I am an honor student on a full scholarship, I have an outstanding work history, references galore, and no opportunities to work in a new field. It rots and I am starting to feel quite depressed about it.  On a more positive note, I have my tentative schedule of fall classes and I am quite pleased. I was accepted into a criminal appeals clinic for my 2L year where I will have the opportunity to pursue an appeal for an indigent client. Other classes on the agenda include Tax, Evidence, Criminal Procedure (Investigative), and Trusts and Estates. I hope that the professors are good but I am not able to take classes based on professor. Scheduling is much more important. This schedule leaves me with no class on Friday, although I might need to devote that entire day to the clinic. I’m not sure how that works exactly. Tomorrow I will be working an open house event. Sunday I will study all day. And tonight I will study until I fall asleep in my books. So that was my week as it relates to school.

On the parenthood front: I found time to take my boys out for dinner and to the bookstore. We also did a bit of clothes shopping. I cooked dinner four nights out of five, kept their room clean, monitored their homework, got them outside to play, and watched a small amount of television with them. I spoke with my daughter on the phone a few times, including one midnight call when she called me in tears over a classic teenage girl social crisis. And this is all in addition to to the simple daily task of making sure everyone gets to school in the morning, takes a shower at night, and gets to bed on time. (And I also spoke on the phone to my sister and my mother, as every dutiful woman should.)

Those things I didn’t do: Clean the house, do yardwork, read the book I bought, get my own laundry done, spend time with my honey, spend any time with friends, play any games, or read a newspaper. Sad but true. Maybe next week. I hope my readers have time to get everything done that you need to do. Get outside, enjoy the day, spend time with your kids, and don’t forget yourself. I’ll be back Monday.


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Study week Thursday

Posted by newlawmom on December 4, 2008

So today I focused on criminal law. All day, and into the evening. I am calling it quits. I am tired and need to have the energy to do one more day of this tomorrow. All in all, I am very happy with my strategy of devoting an entire day to one class. I learned alot today, found out I was misunderstanding a few things, got that straightened out via email with the prof, and then took a sample exam and reviewed it. Criminal Law is my one closed book exam, so I transferred most of my outline onto index cards for study and memorization purposes.  I feel much more comfortable with the material tonight than I did this morning, so that is helpful. While I am not forcing myself to do more today, if I feel up to it later, I will read a bit  in the horn book. I think a hot bubble bath sounds nice. Or perhaps just some cookies, tea, and a movie. Maybe I will just go to bed and watch television there until I fall asleep. My honey works nights, so I am on my own until 1 or so. I think that is part of the reason why I like to study late into the night rather than early in the morning. Next semester, I need to be in class by 9 every day. I think that might kill me. I love law school, but mornings have never been my thing. Well, I have had a productive day. I hope all my readers have had a productive day as well. I will be back tomorrow night to give you that final update on reading week. Torts.

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Day 2

Posted by newlawmom on August 19, 2008

I love law school.  As of today, I have had each of my classes once.  I am impressed by how different each of the professors seems to approach their task. I am feeling a little confused as to how to organize all of this information and what the actual differences are between the classes. They all seem the same even though they are all different. Reading from one class to the next seems very similar. I know the difference between Torts and Civ Pro, but I have no idea how I am going to keep all this straight in my head (or on paper either). I had more success today finding a quiet study area.  I just don’t have many daytime hours to devote to socializing, even briefly. Such is the life of a law school mom. I would rather finish my work and go home to socialize with my children. But I am looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. Wednesday is slated to be my easiest day, with the most time available for reading and studying.

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Today’s accomplishments

Posted by newlawmom on July 9, 2008

So…now that I have finished whining I am able to review the day.  In preparation for law school I successfully completed my phone calls to the financial aid office and to my undergrad institution to arrange for my final transcript to be sent. I spent some time looking through the courses that are available to me and reviewing information about concentrations I could pursue. The problem I discovered is that three years of law school is not enough time to take all the courses I might like.  I will need to spend more time reviewing the situation and perhaps look over some law boards to see how others have handled this.

I got the tentative schedule for orientation. I was happy to see a family event scheduled for Saturday. This allows me to include my children, for which I am grateful. It doesn’t look like an overwhelming schedule. I got my class schedule last week and was overjoyed. It looks totally manageable. Monday thru Friday classes, nothing starting earlier than 9:30 and nothing lasting past 2:45. My plan is to be at school from 8-4 five days a week, with additional evening hours as needed for interest groups, etc., but preferably not more than once a week, twice at the most. Ambitious, perhaps, but I am hopeful. I will be able to study at home after my boys are in bed.  The only concern I have is finding enough time to sleep. I am a night person by nature, and the early morning commute will force me to change my ways.  The commute, BTW, is approximately one hour.

For this week, I am reading law books. I am committed to reading only for pleasure during my week long vacation. On my law list: The Constitution of the United States (Westlaw copy), Slaying the Law School Dragon, Later in Life Lawyers and Understanding Law School – An Introduction to the LexisNexis Understanding Series. Also, I have ordered a set of LEEWS cassettes which I will listen to as soon as they arrive in my mailbox. I will read until I fall asleep tonight.

On the parenthood side of things, I have one sick child, but its not strep. Perhaps a virus. My 12 y.o. son had his physical today and is officially taller than his college freshman sister who is not impressed. Said freshman will have three wisdom teeth removed on 1/5/09. Yes, that is 3. Dentist cannot explain the missing tooth nor can I.  The boys are at work with me tonight. Another bonus to this particular job. I didn’t get too much done today around the house, but I have a full day planned for tomorrow. And that’s all folks.

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