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May 2009

Posted by newlawmom on May 1, 2009

I can’t believe it’s May already. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my first law school class and now I am less than one week away from being done. There are two exams left. Civ Pro went awesome today. I am extremely pleased with my performance. Of course, that may be meaningless if everyone else feels the same way. For today, I am happy. Con Law and Contracts remain. Con Law will be the bigger problem of the two, and Contracts is by far the more important. Unfortunately they fall relatively close together and I will not have adequate time to prepare for either. Study time this weekend starts at 1PM tomorrow and goes until midnight Sunday. Next exam is Monday. Lord help me. But that is only a week of May. The rest of the month is going to be awesome.

I will be going out this coming Friday to do a particular favorite activity all my by lonesome. That is my treat to myself for consistently doing my best this year. I will be picking my daughter up from her freshman year on Friday May 15. I can’t wait to have her here with me, and have great plans for days spent at the beach, shopping, a show or two, and plenty of Friday night movies. Either the week before she gets back or the week after I will be going away for two or three days with my honey, destination still to be determined. It doesn’t matter. It will be great to spend some time with him and I am really looking forward to it. Then, on Friday May 22, I start my summer job. So this month will bring big changes my way, and rather than being anxiety inducing, they are actually pleasant to think about. In other words, I must be doing something right. This is good to know. It will get me through the next few days and two more exams. I hope all my readers are as satisfied with their lives as I am with mine right now. Have a great weekend. I’ll be back either Sunday night or Monday with an update.


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1L Summer work

Posted by newlawmom on April 21, 2009

I am so happy with my job. I spent about an hour there and I am convinced it is a perfect fit. I will start work the day after Memorial Day. I also learned all about confidentiality and other practice rules today, and that will place serious constraints on how much blogging I am able to do. But I am allowed to give general information that would be available to any member of the public, so I can tell you about the job itself. I am going to work in Community Court where individuals who have been accused of minor criminal offenses and quality of life crimes can enter a conditional guilty plea, serve a sentence based on a concept of restorative justice, and have a clean record after they complete the requirements imposed by the court. Special programs include a supervised community service work crew, a program designed to move women out of prostitution and into paying employment and new neighborhoods, a program designed for truants where they are “scared straight” back into school,  and arrangements with social service organizations providing drug treatment, anger management, and other rehabilitative type services. My job duties will be varied as I work with the administrator of this court. I will be in court two days per week. The other days will be assorted paperwork and — get this! I will be allowed to observe portions of a murder trial or other high profile trial. I was surprised to hear that and very much looking forward to the opportunity. Basically, as summer jobs go, I feel quite lucky. I hope all my readers have a great day. I will be back tomorrow with an update on the memo and exam prep.

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Uber Productive Holiday

Posted by newlawmom on April 13, 2009

Sweet. I got so much done I could sing! NO – You would not want to hear me do that. I have completed every last page of reading for Property. Yes, for the remainder of the semester. Plus I completely finished my outline for the class. All I need to add is whatever I get out of the next few lectures. It is a closed book exam, but it seems like a simple matter of IRAC approach here, a pure issue spotter where knowledge of the black letter law is going to get me somewhere. This is, of course, in direct contrast to Contracts where the black letter law is not black and the Prof. has no interest in seeing conclusions. Anyway…Property is in good shape. I got my grade back on my memo (draft 1). It is not the high grade, but it is high enough for me. I need to ace the rewrite while changing it into an appellate format from a memo in support of a motion. I started this project over the weekend but felt I was lacking direction so I will wait to speak with the Prof. tomorrow before I do anything else with it.  On tonights agenda is Civ Pro. The week overall will need to be divided between Civ Pro, Contracts, and the memo. Not exactly how I had planned things, but it is what it is. (I have a friend who hates when I say that, but it is true.) So…this is the last full week of classes. Next week we have a few makeup classes for those that were cancelled due to snow. I have an interview Wednesday, and hope that I don’t need the job. But seeing as I don’t have an actual assignment yet, I need to plan. This would be for a volunteer position working with crime victims. I really do believe that everything works out exactly as God intends it to be, so I have let go some of my angst over this summer job thing. The most important thing right now is to ace these exams, because my scholarship really is riding on my performance. Top half or call it over.  While I want to say I am 100% confident that is easy to achieve, it is not.  Nothing in life is free. So….I need to go get busy. Have a lovely evening. I hope you accomplish whatever it is you need to do. See you tomorrow.

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Interview tomorrow

Posted by newlawmom on March 26, 2009

Yes. My first interview for a legal job. I am nervous but thinking it can’t be all that different from any other job interview, and I have had plenty of those. I will leave home too early, insuring I get there on time. Once I see where I am, I can just waste a little time before I park. From there, I will go directly to school. I have one class and a group study session and then it is time to go home. My weekend will be devoted to outlining, Week 1 = Contracts. Week 2 = Property Week 3 = Civil Procedure Week 4 = Con Law

While I am at school tomorrow I need to visit the bookstore and pick up something for Property.  Not sure what exactly, just an extra study guide for my closed book exam in that class. Con Law is last because I had a full outline prepared for my midterm and it requires less work than the others. Property will be my challenge class this exam season. I am feeling much better about Con Law and, as odd as it seems, both Civ Pro and Contracts seem easier this time around. I have old exams from every class. Not sure how I will use them yet, but I will find a way. Recognizing that I am near the end of this is proving to be very helpful. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. I will give you the interview update tomorrow night. Wish me luck!

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1L updates, 2L plans

Posted by newlawmom on March 20, 2009

The more I say the higher risk of losing my anonymity and I know that but at the same time the purpose of the blog is to share the whole story for anyone who might be interested in it, and that requires sharing as I go along. So…this week I took a midterm exam for a grade, took a sample short exam in another class, participated in a week long series of speakers regarding human rights and access to fresh and potable water, practiced my oral argument in front of my peers, and continued to look for work. I got my dreaded memo back, although there is no grade yet, and fully recognize that I could have done a better job if I had more time to put into it. I have found a new job opportunity – one that I would really like to have. Still don’t have a job though, not even one interview, and that hurts. I am an honor student on a full scholarship, I have an outstanding work history, references galore, and no opportunities to work in a new field. It rots and I am starting to feel quite depressed about it.  On a more positive note, I have my tentative schedule of fall classes and I am quite pleased. I was accepted into a criminal appeals clinic for my 2L year where I will have the opportunity to pursue an appeal for an indigent client. Other classes on the agenda include Tax, Evidence, Criminal Procedure (Investigative), and Trusts and Estates. I hope that the professors are good but I am not able to take classes based on professor. Scheduling is much more important. This schedule leaves me with no class on Friday, although I might need to devote that entire day to the clinic. I’m not sure how that works exactly. Tomorrow I will be working an open house event. Sunday I will study all day. And tonight I will study until I fall asleep in my books. So that was my week as it relates to school.

On the parenthood front: I found time to take my boys out for dinner and to the bookstore. We also did a bit of clothes shopping. I cooked dinner four nights out of five, kept their room clean, monitored their homework, got them outside to play, and watched a small amount of television with them. I spoke with my daughter on the phone a few times, including one midnight call when she called me in tears over a classic teenage girl social crisis. And this is all in addition to to the simple daily task of making sure everyone gets to school in the morning, takes a shower at night, and gets to bed on time. (And I also spoke on the phone to my sister and my mother, as every dutiful woman should.)

Those things I didn’t do: Clean the house, do yardwork, read the book I bought, get my own laundry done, spend time with my honey, spend any time with friends, play any games, or read a newspaper. Sad but true. Maybe next week. I hope my readers have time to get everything done that you need to do. Get outside, enjoy the day, spend time with your kids, and don’t forget yourself. I’ll be back Monday.

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Spring break? Gone.

Posted by newlawmom on March 13, 2009

The week went by so fast.  The summer job search must officially end now. OK. Almost. I never did get my packet out to the AG’s office and I really should aim to have that in the mail for Monday. Otherwise, it is a matter of waiting for phone calls and interviews. And prayer, of course. Can’t forget that. If I am meant to have a summer job, I will have one.  That leaves….school work. Outlines, reading, and preparation. I will study tonight and all day and night Sunday to get ready for class on Monday. I did less school work than I should have. But hey – I got lawyer hair. So what is there to complain about? I wish I had another week off. I am nervous and antsy and stressed. The work load during the spring semester far exceeds the fall and I have not done very well staying ahead of it. Let’s hope this next few weeks go a little bit better. I hope my readers have a great weekend! I will see you again on Monday.

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Lawyer hair and summer jobs

Posted by newlawmom on March 12, 2009

OK. I think the hair came out nice. It looks lawyer-like. Professional, neat, manageable. The problem is…after I wash it I need to make it look like this again, and that might be a challenge. I am not a hair-stylist, not even close. I guess I won’t know until Saturday because there was color involved and I was told to wait to wash it. Oh the things in my life that are changing…people who know me well would be amazed. So….

Today went well on the job hunt. I got another interview opportunity (as soon as you fill out these papers to go with your resume type deal…), so I mailed the package out. It was too thick to fax. That can’t be a good thing, but they asked for it, so I simply oblige. Legal Aid applications out and activist lawyer got a resume and cover letter. Still nothing from the Public Defender, who promised an interview upon reciept  of papers that went complete Tuesday. I want two more packages in the mail for tomorrow and then I need to get back to the business of learning the law.  Tonight I will study Con Law, my least favorite material. Then I want to devote one day each to Contracts, Civ Pro, and Property to be in good shape for Monday. Please God let me have a summer job that is in line with whatever you have in store for me in the future…I would be most grateful. I wonder how God feels about prayer via blog?

I need to go. I am making lasagne for dinner and need to spend some time with my boys tonight. Most likely a movie with requisite blankets on the couch, popcorn, and soda.  I also need to fill in a book order, talk to my sister on the phone, and pick up the house a little. That is on top of the Con Law material. Do I think I have endless amounts of time? No. But next week I won’t have any, so I need to make maximum use of these next few days. I hope all my readers have a lovely day. Spend time with your children, and remember that life is what you make of it.

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exam prep and a job search

Posted by newlawmom on December 10, 2008

I’m so excited. I have a meeting with career services after my exam tomorrow and I have spent the past couple hours looking for summer work opportunities. I am staying away from all the types of law that I think I want to practice. The best thing I can do for my future and to enhance my ability to have a profound interest on child welfare in this country is to get the best education possible and take advantage of every opportunity to experience the world of law. On that note, I have decided I want to spend my 1L summer at a firm, and the larger firm, the better. I have no interest in banking or corporate law or anything like that, but health law, trusts and estates, education law, and even real estate are things I might enjoy learning more about. I will keep you up to date on how that goes. Tomorrow we will review my resume. So….

Before I got caught up in the summer work search, I was studying for contracts. For which I feel totally prepared and impatient. I forced myself to review everything today, but in reality, I already know the material. I spent some time working on approaches to answers. I worked on shorter answers, more concise answers, and organization of responses. I feel more than adequately prepared. It is an open book exam, but I will bring only my own outline, my spiral book of helpful reminders, and pens. (Yes, I did go out and buy myself new pens, and they are awesome.) I can’t wait for this exam, but the meeting with career services will be the high point of my day. NOTE: I do not expect much from career services. I am more than capable of finding my own work. But I will listen to their advice and take advantage of their willingness to review my resume and cover letters. So…’s off to contracts. Pleasant to remember that law school is actually the means to the end, and not the end itself. I hope all my readers have a lovely day.

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