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well…..I hope everything goes ok

Posted by newlawmom on July 21, 2011

It should not surprise me that with only a few days left to study (I’m stopping for good when I go to bed Sunday night) there are too many things that I don’t know yet. Too many things to know. This is why I didn’t go to BarBri. I don’t think it would have helped me. I have studied hard and am pretty confident I will pass. My confidence is going down as the date draws near, however. Trusts and Property are my weak points, both tested pretty heavily in this state from what I understand. I spent all day with trusts and property today and need to take a break from it. I’ll pick it up again on Saturday. Tomorrow is crime, negotiable interests and secured transactions. Just review. Let’s hope that is all I need.


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The end is near

Posted by newlawmom on October 28, 2010

Tomorrow I register for my last semester of law school. The best news of all is that I only need eleven credits to graduate and seven of those are going to consist of an externship and moot court credits that I have already earned. That means I only need to take 4 credits worth of classes. It is really hard to believe, but I am glad to see the end in sight. This semester has been really bad for me. I just want to get through it at this point. I am taking six classes, with a total of four exams and two papers. One substantial paper is half done and one has not been started yet. There are only five more weeks of classes, so it is time to prepare. Everyone at my house is basically avoiding me right now because I have been more than a little bit crabby. I can’t help it. I just want to be left alone. It is really sad that after getting this far I feel so overwhelmed by the entire project. I know it will be worth it when its over, and I know when I look back on it I will be happy with achieving it at all, but I had higher expectations for myself all the way around. When law school meets single mom with three kids, a man friend, a job, and a mother who so tragically gets sick and dies between April and September, it is not a pretty sight. I do not recommend it to anyone. Law school does not bend, even though everyone at school has been extremely kind. Right now, I need to put blinders on and ignore the world. That means that anyone who disturbs me is asking for trouble. The level of stress in my life is off the charts, and all my enjoyment of law school is gone. I want nothing more than to be done. So wish me luck with that. I’ll take support from my anonymous non-trad cyber students because there is nobody in my real world who actually gets it.

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Posted by newlawmom on October 10, 2010

Well, since I took the time to write when I was in a total funk I figure I should write again when I’m not. I did find the time to get in my car and drive far, far away for the weekend. I did some work and I took some time for myself. At least this week I am starting out with half my reading done. I feel a lot better and my head is much clearer, so that should help. I have also taken some time to really think about the fact I am almost done. There is no reason to be derailed now. I feel so much calmer on this fine Sunday evening. Let’s hope it lasts through the next week of classes.

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Disaster Strikes

Posted by newlawmom on October 4, 2010

So if I thought for a single minute that the last year of law school would be smooth sailing, I was wrong. I had actually thought about taking the semester off to deal with my mother’s illness, but I decided against it. We lost her companion of many years on 8/15, and my mom passed two weeks ago today. I suppose this is what non-traditional is all about, right? The problem is I am not functioning well. I have been just barely squeezing by since the beginning of the semester and it is starting to catch up with me. I will pull it off in the end, but for today I just feel like bitching. Whining, complaining and being generally difficult. I am behind on my work. Unprepared for class. Incompetent to represent any client and wondering why I ever thought I wanted to do this in the first place. I don’t care about the law as it relates to real property, land use, family, or criminal either. All I really care about right now is my bed and the fact I don’t see nearly enough of it. My children, whom I love dearly, are driving me insane and need far more than I am able to give them. The truth is I want to get in my car and drive far, far away. Sometimes I want to drive far, far away with my law books so I can catch up on my work, and other times I think I should just take a few days completely to myself. Sadly, I do not have time to drive away because every possible thing seems to demand my attention right now, as I have ignored everything since my mother got sick last April. In the end, I want to whine. OK? I’m done now. I’m going to bed so I can start this all over again tomorrow. And no, I haven’t done my reading for those classes yet either. But I’ll be sure to write again after I get caught up.

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Posted by newlawmom on August 24, 2010

Law school has changed people. People have matured. In some ways I would say thank God but in other ways I wonder if people would be happy with the changes. For some of them, it might be a negative thing. I suppose I have changed as well, although I would like to think that law school didn’t do it. But it has. It has changed the way I think and in some ways it has changed the way I view the world. My career plans have changed to a certain degree, and I have learned to see shades of gray. Still don’t like them but black and white just isn’t going to get me anywhere in this field.

I encountered some people today who I haven’t had in class since 1L. They seemed to have a seriousness about them that was lacking. Even our infamous 1L gunner has toned it down. If I had started law school with the knowledge and understanding that I have right now, it would have been a thousand times easier. I can only imagine that others feel the same. So…3L is different. There is no way around it.

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I’m back.

Posted by newlawmom on August 23, 2010

The question is, to what? 3L. Walking into that building today felt like the most peaceful, happy, reassuring thing I could be doing. My life is back to normal. Am I really saying that? Yup. My spring and summer were so crazy that I actually need the structure of law school to feel like I’m going to be ok. That makes sense to a degree. But for today, it’s not the same. All the people I knew are gone. Somehow I connected more with people a year and two years ahead of me than I connected with people in my own class and certainly more than in the class behind me. I have a select group of friends and acquaintances from my own class, but I don’t seem to have class with any of them. I’m not even sure they were in the building. That’s not a bad thing. I was never in school to socialize anyway, but it does give the place a different feel. This is a place of work. Of business. It’s time to get down to it. My take so far – Prof. Family Law is great. I like his style even though I don’t think I’m going to enjoy the material too much. Prof. Advanced Writing is just ok. But I like to write, so it should be fine. Prof. Real Estate is one of my favorites and knowing his style should make the class just fine. And Prof. Land Use is going to be fine. Land Use is going to be my favorite class if I had to take a guess even though I had no interest in land use issues before I came to law school. It is one of those surprises. Four classes in one day made for a long one, but a three day week makes it all worthwhile. I’ll write again soon. I started this blog as a 1L so I would like to carry it out at least until I graduate. Hope everyone had a great day.

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Year 3 Here I Come

Posted by newlawmom on August 19, 2010

I can’t believe it. Where does the time go? And look at how different my mind set is three years later. It’s amazing. Life is never stable. I’m not even sure yet how I’m going to get it done. Right now I’m just trying to get everything done before Monday so I can concentrate. I have no books, haven’t looked at my reading, haven’t applied for any jobs for next year. Nothing. What I have done is take care of my children and my mother all summer long. And my mother’s companion, who passed away this past Sunday. His funeral is Friday. My mother is still very ill. I don’t know if she will make it or not. On Monday, my first day of school, she is scheduled for some more tests. It will be hard to not worry about her. As for the kids, this will be the first year that most of my classes are at night. That will be very hard for them. I have hired a babysitter for three nights a week from 3-11. They prefer to call her a driver as they are too old for a sitter. You know, drive me here, drive me there. That is what mothers of teenagers do. It goes without saying that the babysitter must drive, have their own car, and have plenty of insurance and a good driving record. The boys are now 14 and 10. My daughter will be 21 in October. Plenty old enough to know that mommy has had a rough summer. So…

The summer job ended up working out ok. I wish I had more time to devote to it. But I did get to work on a memo in support of a motion to suppress a confession in a murder case. That was pretty cool. I can’t wait to follow the arguments and the outcome sometime in September or October. As much as I would like to, I am unable to pick up any legal work this semester. It really is going to be all I can manage to go to school, take care of my kids, and take care of my mother. More than enough. So what’s on the agenda? Family Law, Real Estate, Land Use, Trial Practice, and Criminal Procedure part 2. Sounds good. Lets see if I can remember what I’ve already accomplished: Contracts, Torts, Property, Civ Pro, Con Law, Crim, Crim Pro, Evidence, Tax, UCC, Admin, a clinic, Med Mal, Health Law, and 2 credit class on empathy more or less. I just want to pass the bar now. I hope this last year goes smoothly.

To all you 1L’s, best of luck. To my 3L friends, we’re almost there. And to those of you who have finished this journey, I have a newfound respect for you.

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Every story needs an ending

Posted by newlawmom on July 6, 2010

Mine is not over yet, but in some ways the story I brought here has reached a natural conclusion. Time changes all things, and everything changes over time. I have come so far that it is wrong to leave the story hanging. So here is the crux of what I need to tell you: law school becomes just one thing on a list. It does not remain the core of existence. So my life went on and things changed, which really should not surprise me.

The end of my 2L year things went very badly and nothing bad happened! My grades were fine despite the fact that I never finished my outlines, barely read anything from April 12 on, and I didn’t have a single moment to study during reading week. I wish I had known this last year. It could have saved me immense stress, not to mention time. I seriously did not have a single moment to worry about law school, believe me. I had bigger problems. My mother was hospitalized for almost a month and was diagnosed with major abdominal cancer, my oldest son got in some trouble at school and decided that the appropriate response was to cut himself with a razor, and in short, the rest of the people in my life decided that they needed my attention despite the fact I’m in law school. That also should not have surprised me. But it is fine. All things work out in the end.

My summer job has sort of gone south. Well, not exactly. I still have it, but they don’t have a lot of time to give me work, and I don’t have a lot of time to chase them down and beg them for it. So I have not done much work, though what I have done has been completed accurately and on time. Some people just don’t know what to do with a summer intern, I guess. I am going to apply a little more pressure over the next month, because I do need to be able to use this job as a reference at some point. In reality, I don’t care one way or the other. I am quite busy spending time with my family. Only now, on July 5, does law school begin to re-enter my mind. And I still like it! Love it, actually. I wish I had more time to devote to it.

Next up is my 3rd and final year of law school. Believe that. Next year at this time, I will be waiting for the results of the bar. But first – summer. I plan on enjoying every minute of it. Up until this week, there has been no time to enjoy anything. So I’m going to make the best of the time I have left. I hope everyone reading has a great day and enjoys the rest of their vacation.

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