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Legal Memo Due

Posted by newlawmom on October 29, 2008

That means no time to write. Yet here I am. I need to find the motivation to finish this thing. I have a meeting with the Prof. at 9AM for review. The final draft is not due until next Tuesday but I need to take full advantage of this consult in the morning, and if I don’t have a finished draft to bring, it will hurt me. So I need to go now. I just think it is helpful for anyone reading this who isn’t in school yet to see the true ups and downs of the beast of a year that is 1L. I hope everyone has a great day. I’ll be back tomorrow night with an update.


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Manic Monday

Posted by newlawmom on September 29, 2008

I wish I felt manic. Instead the Monday weather has me down. I found it hard to be enthusiastic today. But I did what was necessary. I’m really starting to wonder about what is necessary. This is hard stuff. There is no exact way to know what is necessary. Our sample exam in contracts on Friday was returned today. Miracle turnaround time or awesome prof? Awesome prof. BUT – he is confusing. Out of a possible 20 points, the scores ranged from 0-5. I scored more than zero and less than five. Pathetic. The worst thing is when he handed back the scoring rubric I couldn’t see myself getting there. So I spent my entire afternoon and evening revamping my outline in a way that might get me there. Which would be fine if I was sure that was where I needed to be. I do have a meeting scheduled with the contracts prof to review the outline, which he has offered to all students who work with at least one partner. Anyway…who knows. That is precisely the problem. I took a sample torts exam today. Tomorrow I get the sample Civ Pro exam back. I am grateful that my prof’s all seem to give these sample exams. I would have been totally screwed if the real exam was the first one I had seen. I will say this: as a student at school on a full scholarship, presumably coming in as a top five percent student, it doesn’t show. Nobody would ever guess. I need to stay in the top half. I’m sure I will. But I’m really not sure how that works yet. For this week, I am increasing my prep time, listening to LEEWS in my car every day in an effort to master exam methods, and spending more time on outlines and condensing previously presented information than I am on preparing in advance for class. (Although the reading is done, briefs are almost non-existent except in my head and a few highlighted portions of text.) So we shall see what this brings. I am not easily defeated. I will find a way. But to anyone who is reading this thinking that it will be easy, I suggest you think again.  OH – and I love my children. They are still here and I am still finding some time for them. For tonight they have gone to bed so I am in school mode. But they had their needs met. Thank god. It is shameful they are so close to the bottom of my thoughts right now.

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