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Blind faith in medicine

Posted by newlawmom on May 21, 2009

People should think long and hard about the mom who is on the run with her thirteen year old. One of my main contentions is that children are abused and tortured by the medical profession. I have witnessed it. Neither you nor I are in a position to judge the actions of this mother. People are allowed to refuse blood transfusions, for themselves and for their children.  Chemotherapy is poisin. It is a poisin that a majority of cancer specialists would refuse to use on their own bodies. And there is a reason for those statistics. For those people who choose to believe that medicine and doctors have the one and only cure for all that might ail a person, you are naive. Pharmaceutical companies drive health care in the USA. Money makes the choices. There is no “scientific” research on alternative medicine because the drug companies would not make any money if people took the natural or homeopathic route. Make no mistake that historically, doctors have killed and seriously injured many people by prescribing treatments that are later deemed to be dangerous. Any belief that medicine is good goes out the window when you get a glance at children tied to boards while they scream at the top of their lungs and “child life specialists” wave toys and bribe them with candy and toys and assure the parents that “they won’t remember”  the torture that the “all knowing” professionals deem necessary in the name of treatment. Whatever happened to “first do no harm”? Any doctor who would treat this child against his will and against the will of the parents would be committing a crime in my opinion. The very idea that the child is better off away from his parents is insane. All that allows is for a person who doesn’t know about the child and who has no vested interest in his life and well being (the whole life, not just the idea of it) to sign consents for torture. Once those consents are signed, all control is lost. The parents of this child love him. They have raised him for his entire life. There is no evidence they have ever harmed him in any way. They simply chose, after watching the results of one poisining, to not subject him to another. There are other treatments available. Maybe they will work, maybe they won’t. The fact that one alternative approach has failed means nothing. If the state would butt their nose out of it, the parents would most likely pursue alternate approaches. Maybe in the end they would even decide to try the chemo again. But those choices should not be made by doctors who are tied up in the hands of profit machines, and our judges should be competent enough to realize that the drug companies do not have the only viable and reasonable options for the treatment of illness and disease. Indeed, when done against the will of the patient, such treatment is criminal. I hope the mother and her son are able to remain safely outside the hands of those who seek to interfere. I pray to God that people in this country wake up soon and realize the dangers of  blind reliance.

I will pray for the forgiveness of any person who unwittingly participates in this disaster: the doctors,  police, the judge, and any foster parents or state workers who honestly believe they are doing what’s best for this child. But in the end, it is the biological parents and the child himself who are justified in their actions.


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Child abuse, neglect, disaster…

Posted by newlawmom on November 11, 2008

I was checking out the search terms people use to find my blog, and today there were a few sad ones on there. Reactive attachment disorder. Child abuse. Child neglect. These are the things that matter to me. The things that got me here. And the things I am hoping to impact upon once I make it through this process of education. So how is that looking? Well, so far, not too great. I don’t know how this helps the kids. There are laws that prevent children from suing. I sort of knew that, but I guess I hadn’t really thought about it too much. These kids should be able to sue. I’m told there is an exception for intentional torts. I don’t know too much about it. I guess I wouldn’t want my healthy children to be able to sue me for false imprisonment when I send them to their room for punishment. Nor would I want them to be able to sue for other thngs. Neglecting to provide the best of everything despite by best intentions. But for those who have been genuinely harmed at their parents hands, and that particularly applies to those children who have been removed from their parents homes as a result, how is it fair that the child is asked to give up their entire family and everything they hold near and true just to be safe, and then they can’t recover anything from the people who hurt them? That seems wrong. Specific performance sounds like a good remedy for these kids. When you had me, it was an implied promise to take care of me. You broke the deal, now I want you to perform as promised. Hmmmmmm. Who knows how it is that my attendance at law school is going to benefit these kids. I haven’t even begun to figure that out yet. For today, I am involved in exam prep. And that is all the energy I have. But I have not forgotten my purpose here, nor do I intend to forget it when I am done.

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Oh October

Posted by newlawmom on October 2, 2008

It deserves a song all its own. My life is about to change again. School demands time. More time. The semester is officially half over already. I need to step it up. This week I have been engaged with the national political news. It has consumed me. In addition my lovely child/teenager who made me so proud a few months ago by overcoming the odds and finding a job is sitting in jail tonight. It is a disgusting mess. A social worker called me from the hospital side of the jail. I’m not even sure how she got involved. Anyway…he’s in jail. And I’m not bailing him out. But add him to the list of children who we have failed repeatedly via the foster and adoptive system in this country.  First homeless, now in jail. Go figure. We let this happen. There is no money to help this kid or others like him. No services, no money, and no one cares. I don’t suppose I need to tell anyone here that this bailout plan for the banks doesn’t do a damn thing for my homeless mentally retarded foster child/adopted immigrant/needy kid who will never own a home or stock either. He’s not my kid. He has nobody in this world and no blood relative in this country. So who is it that is going to step up and care about that? So…in the face of this I move on to torts and contracts. I hope all my readers have a lovely day. A purposeful week. And please, call your representatives regarding this bailout. Either support it or don’t. But let it be the voice of the people that decides, not the voice of money. Thank you.

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So its Monday…

Posted by newlawmom on September 22, 2008

I had a great weekend. I was so happy just to spend time with my honey and get outside for awhile. I got bit by a bee. That didn’t make me too happy. But other than that I left for school in a positive mood. I got there on time, maximized my time while I was there, and left a full eight hours later. Perfect as far as time goes. Tonight I spent some time with the kids and visiting some adult friends for awhile. Now it is time to get to work. I feel rested, prepared, and happy. Not a bad place to be right now. I miss my other child. I’m at law school because of him and that helps. The writing contest I will do will be a fitting tribute to his situation, although I value anonymity more than I value sharing the specifics here. The fact is researching and writing this particular paper will feel good. It will bring purpose to what feels like some bare minimum required legal learning. I am definately interested in learning the bare minimum legal learning that is being presented. But it doesn’t feel quite like I’m effecting my purpose while I’m doing it. I need purpose every day or I feel lost. So…my new motivation for completing my reading, notes, and outlining is that I can work on my paper after I’m done. A good reason to get off my wordpress blog and move on to studying for the evening. I hope all my readers have a lovely day and have a purpose of their own to fulfill each day. Enjoy.

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Philosophical Friday

Posted by newlawmom on August 29, 2008

Week two is over. I figured out my major problem. What a surprise! I’m a night person. Always have been, always will be. As soon as I decided I would do my reading at home at night rather than at school during the day, life became much nicer. I understand it better, I am more prepared, and back to feeling confident. Of course, life goes on. My mother is in the hospital. That took up a good portion of my night last night and all afternoon and evening today. But I managed to do it without missing any classes, and even when I was called on today I felt prepared. I didn’t have the answer exactly right. But I was in the ball park which is about as good as anyone else is doing. So I feel good about it.

I had a chance to talk to the Dean today. Half of my problem is my perspective on the law. I think about things way too hard. There are huge groups of people who do not benefit from our laws. This weeks conversations in Torts and in Criminal Law reveal problems. For instance, gang violence. Where arrest and punishment have one purpose of preventing vigilanteism, those people who are acting outside of the law solve their own discrepancies in a way that hurts others and hurts society. All of these issues play a role in the child welfare issues that exist here. Thousands upon thousands of children are in trouble. And they all grow up. Fortunately the Dean understood this and says he will try to find some resources for me. Above and beyond the technical issues of the law, which I will master. Bottom line? I can do this. A long weekend just in time for my mother’s health issues doesn’t hurt.

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Money or happy? This is the question.

Posted by newlawmom on July 5, 2008

And I choose happy every single time. I wish I could find a way to have both, but it is not to be. So…when I talk about never being satisfied, that is the real issue. I have chosen a career that doesn’t pay.  Furthermore, my current career does not allow me to function at my highest potential nor does it allow me to have much of an impact on human welfare. So I have chosen law as a path towards satsifaction. Unfortunately, the people I want to serve with this future law degree do not have money to pay, so it won’t be a high paying career. I have no idea how I am going to make a living.

So what happens to me? I guess that is really what my family was asking yesterday. I am going to law school and will graduate with minimal debt thanks to a generous scholarship. I COULD take this awesome education and apply it towards making money. I am more than capable. But I don’t want it. Unless I am working to benefit children and/or otherwise needy adult populations, I will not be happy. And happiness is what I am looking for. Unfortunately, I still need to pay the bills. And I live in America, where money seems to be the force that motivates many people. So this is why I constantly feel like a fish out of water. Maybe I just haven’t met the right people.  Maybe law school will be the place to do that. In the meantime, I would live in a cardboard box if I thought it would allow me to truly serve a purpose in the world. It doesn’t seem to make any sense.  I need to have money in order to do any good to anybody. But despite being a hard-working person for all of my life, I have never chosen to make any. The thought of putting myself (and money) ahead of others makes me literally ill. I can’t do it. Not even for a day. So I ought to make one strange lawyer when all is said and done. But I can work half-time, go to school full-time, and raise three children. No problem. So long as that work involves helping others, I’m all good. I can live on a budget. I have managed it all my life. But clearly this is an unresolved issue, or I wouldn’t be writing about it. So I might as well work it out in cyberspace.

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Did I really do that?

Posted by newlawmom on July 3, 2008

Hmmm. So now I am a new law student with a blog. I didn’t realize it would be that easy.  I called the doctor today to set up a physical. My luck – office is closed for the holiday. I spoke with an attorney today on behalf of one adolescent in crisis. The kid needs an attorney and now he has one. Will that be me someday? I don’t think so. I get too caught up in emotions to be helpful to one child with one very sad, hard story.  This one child has kept me awake nights for two weeks. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. But amazingly enough, since I took him to meet an attorney on Monday and met with DCF on Tuesday, he has stopped calling me for help and started calling his attorney, who IS going to help him out.  This has left me free to return my thoughts to my own family and the changes that are coming up for us.

I start law school in six weeks. My daughter starts her freshman year of college out of state in seven weeks. My middle child starts middle school in eight weeks. And my youngest starts third grade in a new school. We are taking a vacation next week and there is much work to be done. I am moving into a new home the first of August and still have lots of packing and organizing to do.  But knowing I have this new blog is interesting. I will need to figure out how to best utilize it. In the meantime, happy reading. You will always get the cold hard truth from me.

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