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Posted by newlawmom on July 28, 2008

Monday is never my favorite day of the week. Today was no exception. I was sick over the weekend, with a mysterious illness. I’m honestly not sure if it was a physical illness or a mental/emotional shutdown. Whatever it was, I was exhausted, lazy, unmotivated, and felt generally lousy from Friday night right through Sunday. Today I feel somewhat better, but I have purposefully had a slow day. I am preparing to move, and today I focused on my old house. I will do more packing tonight while my kids are out at a ballgame. The oldest boy is at Boy Scout camp for the week, so things are quiet. Nothing new was posted re: orientation, and I don’t have any books in my possession just yet. I expect at least a few to arrive tomorrow. Tonight I will listen to LEEWS tape 3 while I pack in my bedroom.

I went to my mothers today. She will be away on vacation next week and my daughter and I will be responsible for her 89-year old companion. I already package his medications and manage his personal care attendants, whom I have scheduled to work 10 hours per day, seven days per week. While my mom is away on vacation, we will need to sleep at her house to  provide that overnight care.  I really hope this situation is well-managed by my sister when I start school because I no longer have the energy to put into it. I have done my share over the past three years. It is time for other people to step up….like his own children perhaps?

I am getting really anxious about my college freshman/favorite and only daughter/amazing person who I’m not sure I will enjoy living without……She is leaving on 8/20 and I can’t go with her because that is my first week of school. They are kicking parents out on Thursday night so my original plan to put her on a bus and catch up with her on Friday are not happening. She will go out with her paternal grandparents. I’m still considering traveling out on the weekend even if I only get to see her for an hour or two, because to not see her place and meet her roommates would drive me nuts. So it could be an interesting week. For tonight, I am going to take it easy. Pack at my own pace in my room and prepare for a busy day tomorrow.


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Pre-vacation panic

Posted by newlawmom on July 10, 2008

Well, not panic, but time has gotten away from me. Today I ran around like an idiot and am just stopping now. Taking three children to the beach for a week involves a lot of work.  Most of the packing is done. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, taking the dog to the vet for a kennel cough vaccine, and getting over to my mother’s place. Caring for aging parents and one aging man who is not my parent would make for an interesting blog someday. Many people are dealing with that. While I am on vacation, my sister will manage that situation, and my mother will check on my house for me. So all is not lost. I am committed to taking a full week vacation from Saturday to Saturday. I will be leaving my computer behind because it interferes with my ability to totally relax and forget about real life. And I confess, it has a tendency of interfering with the time I spend with my children. I will not be using my laptop to take notes during law school because it will interfere with my ability to concentrate there. I am an unashamed addict.

On the law school front, I received my bill today. The credit balance is lovely. On the other hand, I also received my daughter’s bill for college today. That balance will eat up my credit balance in no time. I worry that my daughter does not appreciate the significant cost involved in her education. While she is a hard worker, she is also a spender. She will need to be poorer as a college student than she has ever been in her life, because I am not going to be able to support her beyond my contribution to her costs. If I send her an extra $50 a month, she’ll be lucky. I hope she is able to manage.

I’m considering the benefits of re-binding my case books for law school. I am not a rolling backpack kind of girl. Nor am I prepared to lug unnecessary weight on what will amount to a long walk from my car to the law school. I will look into this more and post when I find a solution. Of course first I would need to buy the casebooks and other required materials. I have not done that and it doesn’t look likely for tomorrow. But it might not matter because I have decided to avoid used texts, at least for this first semester. I think the highlighting of others would bother me.  So there is no rush. But who knows. Maybe tomorrow I will operate on high speed and accomplish miracles. Doubtful, but possible.

When I get back from vacation, I will have significant amounts of preparation to do. I love having this blog and I will consider ways of using it that will be useful and inspiring to others. Daily posting in the midst of 1L is probably not realistic. And I don’t want it to become an online version of my personal journal. I already have one of those. But I do think having a blog is good, and I will find a way to keep it up. Emotionally, thoughts of law school consume me. I am completing my necessary tasks, taking care of my children, going to work, etc. But my heart and mind are gone.  All I want to do is find my way to satisfaction. Law school and the ability to involve myself in intellectual matters are the ticket to happiness for me.

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