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Reading Week Day 1

Posted by newlawmom on December 1, 2008

Well, I’ve been back to work since yesterday afternoon. Today was the first official day of reading week. I spent my day attending a Torts review session, a contract study group meeting, and a meeting with the contracts prof. Tonight I am working on the Contracts outline. I will study contracts until 12 or 1 in the morning and call it a day. Tomorrow I will not be going to school, but will study Civil Procedure all day and well into the night, working on the outline, re-reading cases, and also checking in with the Nutshell and the Glannon Examples and Explanations book. I hope all my fellow 1L’s are feeling prepared and get the opportunity to study to their heart’s content. Have a great day.


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Crunch time

Posted by newlawmom on October 21, 2008

Everything needs to come together now. I have a memo I’m working on. A paper for a contest which needs to be finished. And outlines that need to be updated and prepared for the exams which will come altogether too soon. I love school. I really do. I’m enjoying my memo and finding cases to support getting my client off the hook. I’m not sure I’ll succeed but I like the challenge, realizing that I need to argue the opposing side with equal diligence. So ultimately, it really will be the case law that determines the outcome. Still, it is enjoyable. I love the library. Less so Westlaw on the computer. I hate Westlaw. Give me books any day of the week. So…I am off to read some cases for my memo and organize a contracts outline for tomorrow. Wish me a splendid day despite the rain. I hope your day is nice as well.

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Contracts is coming together

Posted by newlawmom on October 8, 2008

A few extra hours of effort, a meeting with the prof, and another meeting with my outline partner has contracts falling nicely into place. I would still prefer to be working on my own because no two people organize things in exactly the same way. But the prof will only review outlines if they are done as a group. So…when we get it done as a group and the prof has reviewed it I guess I can reorganize it if I still feel the need.

Today I got to have lunch with the State’s Attorney Criminal Division attorneys. It was cool. I learned alot. I just wish it was possible to get into that office without starting at the bottom. That is one thing that is probably going to be hard for me no matter where I go. As an older student, despite my life experience, I lack experience as a lawyer and I am going to start at the bottom, same as everyone else. I wouldn’t mind being a prosecutor. Wouldn’t mind it one bit. But I don’t think its my first choice. Still, an internship in that department wouldn’t be a bad thing. So I’ll keep it in mind.

I love law school. Honestly and truly love it. Nothing has changed – time management is key. This week I have it under control. Its been law school morning, noon, and night, and that is working for me. I will keep it up for one more week and then take the weekend to go visit my daughter who I miss very much. I hope all my readers have a lovely day tomorrow.

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Wednesday 9/24/08

Posted by newlawmom on September 24, 2008

I had a much better day today. Worked hard all day, particularly on contracts. Actually I spent all day on contracts, mostly working on an outline and preparing for a later in the day meeting with my partner to work on the outline. In general I prefer to work alone. But in this case I need to work with someone else in order for the prof to review my outline. So…we are ready to meet with the prof to go over the beginning of our outline and it is my task to email him to set that up. That will be tops on my list tomorrow. Wow…that was wordy 🙂 I am now off to write a legal skills paper that is due tomorrow. The only reason it is not done already is because I feel it will be easy to write. What a switch, huh? Let’s see if I’m right. Either way the paper will be written before I go to sleep tonight. I love law school. Honestly love it, and I do wish I had more time to devote to it. But realistically there is no more time to be had. I will sacrifice all my weekend hours as exams draw near but for now there is no need. It is a matter of wanting more time, not needing it. So far I’m doing just fine. So…I hope all my readers have a lovely day. Please apply yourself to something because you only live once.

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Monday week 4

Posted by newlawmom on September 8, 2008

So…I’m a full time law student. Reality has set in, but so has my sense of adjustment and well-being. The routine feels a bit normal now. The kids are into their third week of school and things are going well. That leaves the course work. I have a legal writing assignment due Thursday, but tomorrow I will get last week’s assignment back. I am really hoping for a decent grade on that. If nothing else, this week’s assignment is similar so I can make adjustments if necessary. I was browsing the ABA website today and found a cool writing challenge for health law. I wonder if it stupid for a 1L to even attempt such a feat? I will be make sure to at least look at the journal. If it looks manageable I will ask the legal skills instructor his opinion on the matter. I might like to attempt it, just because I love to write and love the subject matter. Health law. In order of preference I l like: Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, with Civil Procedure falling at the very bottom of the list. Legal skills doesn’t rate. I simply intend to master the material.  Despite liking contracts I figure I need to get better at close analysis of the cases. I am misreading and it is hurting my class participation. The first step towards correcting a problem is knowing it exists, right? So….tomorrow calls. I need to do a bit more work and call it a day. Have a splendid day.

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