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Exams,Evidence, and perspective

Posted by newlawmom on December 16, 2009

So what have I learned after a year and a half of law school and one semester of evidence? That I know nothing. That no matter how much I know, there is more. That no matter how much I study, how hard I prepare, how many hours I devote, I will not or can not have the level of knowledge or competence that comes from experience. It simply is not possible. So, two days before my open book exam, I am unable to get a perfect score even using my outline and exceeding time limits. There is more. I am missing it. And I am scared, frustrated, angry, and unhappy. I am used to doing well. I am used to success. I am not used to this. I don’t want to get used to this. And I do not like it. Who the hell knows how I will do on this exam? Not me. I have no idea. Right now I feel like I deserve an F. Because if any of these hypothetical clients were relying on me to analyze their evidentiary issues, they would be investing their faith in the wrong person. So for today, I am going to hope this means I am doing well. Because last year I didn’t have these disastrous feelings and I did ok, with less effort and more worry. This year I have studied without any anxiety at all. It is simply the results of my studies that have me worried. I’m not looking at evidence tomorrow. I am done with it. I have reached my maximum evidentiary capacity. My brain is turning off. Good night.


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Posted by newlawmom on November 28, 2009

So here’s the deal. I have worked hard in evidence all semester. I completed all my reading, organized my notes, and read supplemental material in the form of Mueller and Kirkpatrick Black Letter Law. I have a handwritten outline that totals 21 pages of awesomeness, and I was confident that it would be sufficient for my purposes. I purposefully did not look at any old exams prior to completing my own work. But yesterday I looked. And I’m not happy. These law school folks are out of their minds. I could do the work. My outline is sufficient. But the way these babies are done, it is going to be a mad-dash writing fest with no time to breath, let alone think. The model answers are twenty typewritten pages. I have three hours. And I use a pen. I’m not sure that this one final exam is really the best way to assess my learning. But so help me God, I am going to kick butt on this thing. I am going to write his model answers for the past three years. Word for word. Because that is how I learn. Then, when I sit down with his exam, hopefully the words will just flow from my pen, effortlessly. For today, I am done with evidence. I need a break. The remainder of my weekend will be devoted to Federal Income Tax. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I enjoyed mine. I got a lot done. But right now, my anxiety is on the rise. I’ll write again soon.

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Evidence, Crim Pro and time management

Posted by newlawmom on September 22, 2009

Time is getting away from me and I am falling behind. Crim Pro has taken the biggest hit and I need to devote my entire day to it tomorrow. I am lost in criminal procedure. I need a supplement for that class ASAP. The teachers style does not mesh with mine and it is costing me. Having a good time in class and learning the material there are two different things. I enjoy the antics. Humor is law school is generally pretty good. But frankly, I just want to learn the stuff.

On evidence – How the hell does anything ever get admitted into evidence? And if it is admitted, is it admitted as substantive evidence or evidence of something else altogether? I’m not confused. Actually, my apparent confusion is a reflection of studying the rules and reading the cases. The more I go to law school, the less I purport to know. Ahhhh – all is as it should be.

My personal life has gotten a bit crazy lately. Due to some unforeseen and totally stupid circumstances, my boys will not be spending weekends with their father for some period of time. This will not help my time management issues, although I am slowly recovering from last weekend’s crisis which is what put me behind in the first place. Some people are stupid, and my ex-husband is one of them. But he will be allowed to do harm to my children over my dead body. If law school suffers, so be it. I will do my best and pray it is sufficient.  So….I need to update that motivation and inspiration page to remind myself of the possibilities…  I hope all my readers have a great day.

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