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1L Books, Prep, Life

Posted by newlawmom on July 29, 2008

A day late and a dollar short? No. A week late and a few hundred dollars over budget. I now have every book but one. I have taken some time to look through them and it is not what I expected. There is much more explanation than I anticipated, the reading looks easier than I expected, and the books are all bigger than I thought. There is no way it is possible to carry all these books at once and I now see why people discuss rolling bags. I’m still avoiding the rolling bag, anticipating that I will not need to carry all these books on the same day. Plus I have a locker.

Based on a brief overview of the texts, I anticipate that Torts and Criminal Law will be my favorite reading. Legal Skills citations etc. look like things that will come fairly easily to me. There is a lot of discussion about capital letters and italics and order of materials. If it is remotely related to grammar, it should be no problem. In a way, I am disappointed. I had built up these texts in mind. They were full from cover to cover with cases and it was up to me, the law student, to analyze, interpret, and determine exactly what the significance of these cases were and how they combined to explain the law and how it works. Instead, there is a lot of explanation both preceeding and following cases. Or so it seems based on my brief overview. In addition, the table of contents all seem to be pretty well organized by subject material. I will be completing my initial assignments over the next week or so. It should prove interesting. There is no doubt in my mind that I am going to be consumed full time and a half by the work load that law school involves. But whether it is as difficult as people like to believe remains to be seen. I suspect time management is the bigger issue.  So…how am I doing on that front?

I had a busy day, beginning at 7 and ending at 9PM. It is now 10 and after this post, I will go to bed. Well, ok. Not exactly. But I am trying to go to bed earlier. 14 hours of pure work, including driving to the law school to get most of my books, cleaning my house, packing, moving several boxes to my new house, unpacking and putting those belongings away in their new locations, taking care of my children, and working for a few hours this evening. It occurs to be that meals are going to require significant amounts of planning, as I am going to be short on both money and time. My solution for today was eating out, and that could get expensive pretty fast. Not to mention unhealthy.

Well, it is time to call it a day. I have a full list of things to do tomorrow, all involving my move. If I have time I will do some law reading tomorrow night. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a lovely day.


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Today’s accomplishments

Posted by newlawmom on July 9, 2008

So…now that I have finished whining I am able to review the day.  In preparation for law school I successfully completed my phone calls to the financial aid office and to my undergrad institution to arrange for my final transcript to be sent. I spent some time looking through the courses that are available to me and reviewing information about concentrations I could pursue. The problem I discovered is that three years of law school is not enough time to take all the courses I might like.  I will need to spend more time reviewing the situation and perhaps look over some law boards to see how others have handled this.

I got the tentative schedule for orientation. I was happy to see a family event scheduled for Saturday. This allows me to include my children, for which I am grateful. It doesn’t look like an overwhelming schedule. I got my class schedule last week and was overjoyed. It looks totally manageable. Monday thru Friday classes, nothing starting earlier than 9:30 and nothing lasting past 2:45. My plan is to be at school from 8-4 five days a week, with additional evening hours as needed for interest groups, etc., but preferably not more than once a week, twice at the most. Ambitious, perhaps, but I am hopeful. I will be able to study at home after my boys are in bed.  The only concern I have is finding enough time to sleep. I am a night person by nature, and the early morning commute will force me to change my ways.  The commute, BTW, is approximately one hour.

For this week, I am reading law books. I am committed to reading only for pleasure during my week long vacation. On my law list: The Constitution of the United States (Westlaw copy), Slaying the Law School Dragon, Later in Life Lawyers and Understanding Law School – An Introduction to the LexisNexis Understanding Series. Also, I have ordered a set of LEEWS cassettes which I will listen to as soon as they arrive in my mailbox. I will read until I fall asleep tonight.

On the parenthood side of things, I have one sick child, but its not strep. Perhaps a virus. My 12 y.o. son had his physical today and is officially taller than his college freshman sister who is not impressed. Said freshman will have three wisdom teeth removed on 1/5/09. Yes, that is 3. Dentist cannot explain the missing tooth nor can I.  The boys are at work with me tonight. Another bonus to this particular job. I didn’t get too much done today around the house, but I have a full day planned for tomorrow. And that’s all folks.

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