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Time management 101

Posted by newlawmom on February 11, 2009

I need to retake the class. My to-do lists always work for me and lately I have gotten away from the habit. Whatever I start takes priority which is not a good thing.  Yesterday that was the job search. I did fine at school but then came home with a case of spring fever and allowed housework to take priority over more reading, so that reading now awaits which will take precedence over the shower and a few phone calls that really needed to happen tonight. Which leaves the shower for too early in the morning and the phone calls postponed for yet another day. Such is the story of my life this week. I am tired and stretched too thin. A list would be great but I don’t have time to make one tonight. But over the weekend I am going to prioritize and really stick to it next week. For now, there are just two days left and I need to do the reading and nothing but. Over the weekend I need to get ahead on some things. I hope all my readers have a lovely day and manage their time better than I have this week.


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The Saga Continues

Posted by newlawmom on January 27, 2009

The unbelievable assault on poor people continues in my section. I really am at a loss for words, though I found a few today and gained some supporters along the way.  Perhaps I am overly sensitive? I will need to give this idea more thought.  For tonight there is no time to worry about it. I have a legal memo due this week as well as reading to do for Property and Con Law. I also have two boys here who require attention, with tonights drama focusing on a high ammonia level in the fishtank with associated dead fish. After hauling buckets of water and refreshing the tank with fresh water and appropriate chemical treatments, I think we have saved the remaining fish. PETCO issued my store credit and gave sonny boy and I good advice. Learning how to keep an aquarium is less complicated than law school, but sonny boy feels more upset over the dead fish than I feel over the poor people.  I would like to shield him from this problem, but for tonight all I can do is hope the remaining fish live through the day tomorrow. If so, we are good. If not? Well, who knows. I will deal with that if it happens. The really sad thing is I have no desire to do my law school reading and would much rather curl up in a blanket, watch tv and work on my cross-stitch. That is not to be, but it sure is tempting.  I hope my readers have a lovely day. Stay warm.

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Posted by newlawmom on August 27, 2008

For tonight, I feel like an incomprtent clod. I need to go do some work. But….the children made it to their first day of school, spent some time with me, ate a balanced meal, and have all of those first day papers filled out for tomorrow. And…all of my reading for tomorrow is done. The problem is, I am learning that my version of “reading is done” is highly inadequate. I need to figure out what perfectly prepared is so I can accomplish that. Until I do, incompetent clod is what I am going to feel like. Goodnight everybody. I have a date with Black’s law dictionary and a notebook.

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Monday, week 2

Posted by newlawmom on August 25, 2008

What a day. I love law school. Absolutely love it. Have I found a way to avoid procrastinating, change my late night habits, and miraculously produce six extra hours per day? Not exactly. But so far it is all good. I am just now getting to tomorrows assignments which will take two to four hours to accomplish. But I can go in a bit later tomorrow so I should be fine. I will stay late tomorrow night to participate in the only extra-curricular group I am planning on joining this semester. That would be a mediation and negotiation competition group. I am looking forward to it. Between law school and homework, I managed to get my boys out for the requisite school shopping and spent some time with my mother. BTW, today was my birthday. I got a lovely bouquet of roses from my honey. I got a bunch of phone messages with people relaying their best wishes. And my boys sang happy birthday to me multiple times. College freshman daughter, who I love dearly, is spreading her wings and seemingly forgot her mother today. Such is life, right? I really want her to be happy, but I do miss her and hope she doesn’t find any trouble so far from home. So…it is off to become better acquainted with my Black’s Law Dictionary. Hope my readers find time to read something for pleasure on this fine day.

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