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Midsummer update

Posted by newlawmom on June 25, 2009

The kids: are my world and I am so happy they are all home. Today we hit the beach and it was splendid. Trips planned: One week in a rented house at the ocean. One weekend of camping at the ocean. One day trip to local “big city”.  One day trip to local amusement park. One July 4th party which includes a clear view of fireworks from the back yard. One night at the car races. One night at the local minor league baseball game. That should do it. Mom’s pocketbook (which I never used to carry by the way…) is empty before we even get started.

The internship: is awesome. Although I’m not doing anything close to practicing law, I think I get more interaction with the people coming to court and also with all the court staff than my classmates who are interning with public defenders and prosecutors. This weeks highlights: one pro se criminal case, a jury selection, an assault on a judicial marshall, and an administrative appeal. Next week: I will spend an hour with a prosecutor and also tour the holding area with a marshall. I find every day at court to be interesting and educational. I am not sure, however, that I would enjoy working there.

The pocketbook: an item that every attorney must learn to carry? No. But I sure looked stupid carrying my keys, a wallet, and a package of tictacs while dressed in a suit. I managed to go 39 years without ever carrying a pocketbook. I’m not even sure if that is spelled correctly as a compound word. But sure enough, in a few weeks flat, I have a pocketbook so full of things that I can lose my own keys. This reminds me of lawyer hair for some reason. A must have that I am not good at maintaining. But I can learn.

40: that birthday that is fast approaching. I need to quit smoking and it is on my to-do list for 7/1/09. I do not want to be 40 and a smoker. Actually, I would like to live to see my youngest child through to adulthood. If I am a non-smoker on my birthday (which isn’t until August), I will be a happy girl. Oh yeah. Make that woman. I suspect it is time to grow up.

That’s all folks. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Read a book, take a tan, watch a movie, see a rainbow, or simply splash your feet in some water…


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2L preview, decisions, and life

Posted by newlawmom on June 17, 2009

I watched a young person be sent to prison for ten years in a plea deal yesterday. Scary stuff. There is something about robbing people at gunpoint that tends to lead to bad outcomes. As one attorney put it – “scary stuff happens in here. It takes about two minutes in front of a judge for someone to agree to serve years in jail, and then they are gone”. That is exactly how it works, although I am certain many hours of discussions and investigations have occurred before those plea agreements are reached. The internship? I don’t get to do a lot of meaningful work, but I get to spend many hours in the courtroom and that is very helpful, useful, educational, informative, and quite enjoyable for me. Not to mention I am meeting lots of people. I love my internship even though I might not choose to work in that environment on a daily basis. Then again, maybe I would. Only time will tell.

Invitations to write on to law review have been issued. I am eligible to participate. This is a decision I have thought about, but probably not as much thought as it deserves. There is a certain part of me that believes my time would be better spent writing a quality piece for submission to someone else’s journal and getting an actual piece published. On the other hand, law review can’t be beat for resume purposes. Actually, if I had my choice, there is a secondary joural that I would enjoy much more. If I successfully write on, I might choose that one. So I need to make my decision very soon and plan to set the time aside. Truth be told, I don’t know much about this competition. I need to find out more and hopefully talk to a Prof. before I make this decision. I’ll let you know when I make up my mind.

Pretty soon I need to check the career boards and see what type of opportunities for next summer are presenting early. I know last year I saw people on interviews very early in the year. So I would like to be in that group. In other news, I found a local law firm that specializes in serving clients with brain injuries, from torts to medicine and education issues. It might be a perfect match if I can make it happen. So….I am currently thinking about next summer’s employment options? Yes. That is exactly what I am doing. Also thinking about how to best accomplish that article I want to research and write before school is over. Time is going on by.  I hope all my readers are having a lovely summer. For tomorrow, I am going to attempt to focus exclusively on my children and  my home. Wish me luck.

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