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Posted by newlawmom on October 19, 2009

Defined as the inexplicable physical state of the world as experienced by law students in mid-October. The resulting belief that doom is imminent if one does not miraculously find more time in a day to master the overwhelming quantity of legal information swimming in one’s head. AKA my life. Which has less to do with mastering the material and more to do with finding the time to complete the pure quantity of work that awaits me. I hope all my readers are having a splendid start to their week. I’ll write again soon. (PS, yes, I did make the moot court team, and I am happy about it.)


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Happiness is….

Posted by newlawmom on October 11, 2009

sitting at home on a Sunday night knowing that all my work is done for tomorrow.  Playing Monopoly with a nine year old. Cruising around town in a mint condition Firehawk looking at fall leaves. Having comfortable shoes on. Having all three of my children home for the weekend. Forgetting, even briefly, that money is tight. And………the best news of the week, making it to the final round of moot court! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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smoothe sailing and second thoughts

Posted by newlawmom on September 15, 2009

Did I even spell that right? I’m questioning the e. I used to think I knew how to spell. Compared to the average person, I do just fine. But law school has changed all that. I don’t know how to spell. Or at least not as well as I thought I did. Punctuation? Not my strong suit, I guess. I try. Again, I used to think I was fairly competent. Detail oriented?  In my prior career, I never worried that there would be errors in my written proposal or memo or letter that would detract from my message. But so it is.  The moot court memo is submitted. And despite my very good efforts, I know there are errors. I hope they don’t hurt me too badly. I really want to succeed in this competition. Mock trial was fun, but moot court means more to me. I think when I’m a lawyer I’m going to need to pay someone to proofread my work. I don’t think the law journal and I would have gotten along well, and document review probably isn’t for me. But I sure love the legal research end of things and the actual construction of the argument was right up my alley. I doubt highly that anyone out-did me on research and analysis. I doubt it.  So we shall see what happens. I’ll let you know. Anyway, my time is freed up. That is where the smooth sailing comes into play. See, I can spell it one way in the title and one was in the sentence and be right precisely 50% of the time, and that without ever picking up a dictionary. Not bad!  Have a great day.

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The Mommy stuff

Posted by newlawmom on September 10, 2009

Or Ma, MAAAAA, mom, mum, or yo momma depending on the day, the child, and mood of everyone involved. I haven’t been around too much this week, and it is starting to show. Today between 4 and 6 my phone rang a total of 18 times. Of course, it was set to silent, so I only noticed those calls after the fact. All together, I spoke with the children three times. The first time – hey mom, when are you coming home? Second time – geez, mom, when are you going to get here? The third time – COME ON MAAAAA. You were late last night. We want you  home. And so it is the guilt is starting to set in.

It’s only a week. One week. My trial is this weekend and my brief is due early in the week. Actually, tonight is my last late night. But I pushed it too far. The kids are not happy. And I feel bad. So….I offered them the opportunity to attend the local big regional fair next Friday….let’s all skip school and go to the fair. Now I confess – that doesn’t look like responsible mommy behavior. But Friday is my day off and I can’t afford to take another. Would you believe my nine year old went off on me? Are you kidding? I’m not skipping school to go to a fair! That is wrong, school is important, blah blah blah. Yes, son. I agree. I’m glad you’ve been listening to me. But every once in  awhile, it is ok to take a day off. Somehow I need to get that message out there before I cause my kids to become workaholics.

But then there is the other side of that: I love my kids, but for this week I just want to be a workaholic. I don’t want to feel guilty, I want to do well. I want to do nothing but prepare for mock trial and moot court and law school. I want to do it all and I want my kids to just wait. Just be happy that they are fed, clothed, cared for, and entertained while I am away. Then, just when I get the kids settled into bed I get the call from my honey. Honey, I haven’t seen you all week. (I know. I’ve been busy.) This law school stuff is crazy. I can’t believe how much work is involved. (I know. But I love it and that is how I want to spend my time this week.) How about you take some time off tomorrow to go out for breakfast? (I don’t really have time to go out to breakfast. Actually, I think I would like to get up and work all day. I’m sorry honey, but I really don’t have any time to go out until next weekend.) Those are not the answers I actually gave, but the truth is I wish I did say those things. Because they are the truth. Instead I said something about how horrible it is that I don’t have enough time spend with him, school is demanding and difficult, and breakfast sounds great. Those things are true too. And that, my dear readers, is the nature of balancing law school, parenthood, and a relationship. For tonight, I am torn. And doing my best to accomodate everyone and everything, but nothing is being done as well as it could be done, which troubles me.  So….have a great night. Have a wonderful week. And wish me luck over the next few days. Thanks.

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2L week 2

Posted by newlawmom on September 1, 2009

Is that all? Just two weeks? It feels like I’ve been back a lot longer than that. So far, things are going very well. This week I am working on my moot court entry and next week I will be preparing for mock trial. It seems like a lot to undertake all at once, but I have decided the short term stress is well worth it. The overall sense of calmness I feel this year is a welcome change from last year at this time. I am, however, still crunched for time, especially on Tuesday. I need to get off this computer and get some serious reading done tonight. Tomorrow is a nice day for me, with six solid hours of unscheduled time. I hope to devote at least half of that to the moot court memo. Whatever I do with the time, I am happy to have it available.

The kids are doing well. I don’t have a “college freshman” anymore. I had her home all summer and seem to be having a harder time letting her go this year. She was just such a pleasure to be with. All that attitude and stress that preceeded freshman year was gone. I miss her alot, and find it hard to believe she is already a sophomore in college. The boys are also doing well. The difference between 8 and 9 is a big one and it seems the difference between 12 and 13 is equally so. They are both so mature compared to a year ago. That makes life at home much easier as well. The combination of factors should help me out this year. So…I hope everyone is off to a great start. I look forward to blogging my way through 2L life and hope you will continue reading. Have a great day. (BTW – I promise to update my blogroll before the holiday weekend is out…)

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Posted by newlawmom on August 26, 2009

I am really thinking about my choice to do both the mock trial and moot court intramural. Moot court is a definite. I may leave the mock trial competition for next year. I need to decide by next week one way or the other. I think I could do pretty well with the moot court thing. I will tell all my readers right from the start – if I do not make it to the second round in the moot court competition, I will be devastated. Totally devasted. Beyond the level of unhappiness I had about my GPA and way beyond my distress over not making law review. I’m not sure why that is, but I just know that it is so. So…considering I have so much energy invested into the moot court, perhaps I should just focus on that. In other news, I love my life. And I mean that. Taking just one step away from the daily ups and downs, I have everything I need or want. Great kids, an awesome man-friend, supportive family, good friends, and the educational opportunity of a lifetime. I hope all my readers have as much.

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