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times and circumstances

Posted by newlawmom on April 2, 2009

Spring time and productivity do not go together. Agitation and productivity do not go together. Agitation and non-productivity do go togther. But spring and agitation do not go together. So I am in a pickle. I can tell I’m in a far different place than I was when I started because I got a huge kick today out of a case where the plaintiff’s last name was Pickle. And the plural form of that is Pickleses. It so happens the Pickleses bought a piece of property with overflowing sewage and it was condemned and deemed unfit for human occupation. Whose mistake is this, and does it matter? At long last I realize that I really have learned a thing or two about contracts. More about contracts that  I ever dreamed possible, actually. And in the world of contracts, there isn’t actually a clear answer to that question. It really does depend on the judge and the court and the attorney’s arguments and which cases are cited as precedent and whether the historic common law or the Restatement (law as law profs would like it to be) are being called on, which of course, depends on the judge and the town and the city and the state and the statutes and the OH MY. I’m so glad that our legal system is based on something other than pure luck. Jaded? No. Impatient? Yes. I am more than ready to stop now. I haven’t stopped since I started preparing for the LSAT. I’m still high-strung because I need those good grades to keep my scholarship, and I want them just for the personal satisfaction of getting them. So far, so good. I aced my oral argument last night. The judges had only positive feedback on the argument for me, which was amazing. Impressed, good eye contact, made good use of cases, organized presentation, willing and prepared to answer our questions, seemed eager to engage in relevant discussion, overall: excellent.  I came home and decided it was a good time for a glass of wine.  I would have had five if time allowed. The stress of this is killing me. A very, very high stress week/two weeks/year. I just need to suck it up for a few more weeks and I really will take a much deserved break. (For two weeks, and I really will enjoy it.) But even once I start work, I expect my evenings and weekends will be my own, and I am more than ready to reclaim them. So…I am ready to be done now. I hope all my readers have a lovely week. Plan those vacations. Make time to enjoy the spring weather. I will find a way to focus for these next few weeks if it kills me, which it might.


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Contracts, Outlines, Oral Argument

Posted by newlawmom on March 30, 2009

This was my day. Today is the first day of my week long devotion to contracts outlining and exam prep. I can’t believe its almost over.  I spent about an hour on the outline today and hope to get another hour in tonight. But first I need to work on this oral argument. I have a practice session tomorrow. In general, I am much calmer than I was last semester. I am much less concerned with getting everything exactly right and am approaching the exam season in a way that is much more like my old study habits. Attempting to change everything to accomodate law school was probably not my greatest choice, but there is so much pressure, it is hard to say no. Outlines are fine. But really, I know how to study. If I didn’t, I never would have gotten this far in the world. Confidence in my own ability might be better than confidence that I have mastered someone else’s recommended path to preparation. So we shall see if this pays off. I plan on making outlines, not writing treatises. I hope everyone has a great day. I need to go practice. (Kids are awesome, house is clean, tonight’s dinner is pizza, and the boys are aware that the next three weeks are going to be hard on them…)

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The memo and oral arguments

Posted by newlawmom on March 17, 2009

Will that memo not go away? No. That memo is going to live in eternity and confound me until I find out just how I did on the thing. Lest I forget, the memo does need to form the basis of my oral argument (which is two weeks away…). So Legal Writing and Research Prof. took today’s class to tell us how many problems he is finding in the memos. And I was…relieved. If the problems are as bad as he indicates, I should be in good shape. Not sheparidizing, ignoring caution flag treatment Westlaw style, spelling errors, formatting errors, you name it errors. Misrepresentations in the facts. That seemed like a biggie. So…my few punctuation errors and imperfect cites shouldn’t be too much of a problem. In some ways I hope he was exaggerating. In other ways I hope its true. Isn’t that rotten?

Oral arguments don’t sound as bad as I thought they might. I think I’ll do fine. I will practicing this week and next. I really do know the case so how bad can it be? I’ll let you know when it gets here. Otherwise? I’m good to go. Fully prepared for tomorrow. Still without a job. But I should have time to make some follow up calls on Thursday. See you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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Second semester progress

Posted by newlawmom on February 2, 2009

Time goes too fast.  It’s already time for starting/updating outlines. I have applied for seven jobs, including one awesome one at a hospital which is where I really want to be right now. I need to find more things to apply for. I have 23 more copies of my resume and stamps at the ready. Only one application was done via email. Somehow an email cover letter seems a bit unprofessional. But that’s what they wanted, so that’s what I sent. The job hunt is high on my priority for this, but if I was smart I would have had this done in December. Many good jobs are lost because I wasn’t aware of these deadlines. Many more come up on the 15th of February. I need a law job this summer. It doesn’t need to pay, but I do need to have one. So…

On the studying front – I spent alot of time this weekend catching up and getting a bit ahead on my reading. Mission accomplished. This week we will be discussing oral arguments in legal writing and research. I am nervous about this, but I think we won’t actually start until sometime in late March so I still have time to get ready. I have a study group for contracts and we just got back into our meeting schedule last week. We will meet Thursday to work on our outline and discuss recent cases. I may or may not decide to find a group for Property. In Con Law and Civ Pro I’m going solo.  That’s about it.

The weather was perfect today. I enjoyed getting outside for a bit even though it is still winter. Less than a month to go until March. I can’t wait. I hope all my readers get a chance to get some sunshine and fresh air. It is good for the mind, body, and soul. Enjoy.

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