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Decisions and priorities

Posted by newlawmom on October 13, 2008

This is the first time I have had to make a true choice between going to class or taking care of my children. My son has broken a bone. He needs to see an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Lovely ex-husband of mine who has sick time available to him has conveniently avoided my calls all afternoon and evening. I have a group presentation tomorrow at 10. I have three classes, starting at 10 and ending at 2:45. School is an hour away. Allowing son to miss orthopedic appointment tomorrow is not an option, nor is sending him to the surgeon with anyone other than mom or dad. (I guess that’s a choice) So…my current thinking is that I will take sonny to school with me, present our case, and then leave school and miss two classes. Or…depending on the time of his appointment, attend my legal skills class which ends at 12:50. I am way less than happy about this. If the injury happened on my time, I wouldn’t be so upset with the ex. But considering the injury happened on his watch, it seems like he should take some responsibility for it. Not to mention that his children are better off if I am successful in this endeavor. So…enough ranting. For right now my problem is that I can’t concentrate on the law school work I need to get done tonight. I hope my readers have a lovely day tomorrow. I will remind all of you in addition to myself that life happens in the moment by moment decisions that we make.


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Temporary overwhelm

Posted by newlawmom on September 3, 2008

I knew it would happen. My mother is not well. That is consuming my thoughts right now and making it hard for me to concentrate on very necessary schoolwork. Because I spent half of my evening taking care of my mom, the boys were up late getting their needs met. Then my daughter called to check in about my mom and now I am here by myself attempting to kick myself into law school mode. It is a difficult balance, no way around it. Transitions have always been hard for me. Once I get into the mode, I will be fine. But the stress level tonight is very high. I love my family. Any desire to put school ahead of them is met with…well, I can’t do it.  My mother came first for today. My kids came second. Law school assignment will be the last thing I complete. It will be done, with difficulty. Sleep will be put off. And if I continue to do that to myself, it will cost me.  I hope my readers have a lovely day. My lovely day will come. Just not this week.

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