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Posted by newlawmom on August 26, 2009

I am really thinking about my choice to do both the mock trial and moot court intramural. Moot court is a definite. I may leave the mock trial competition for next year. I need to decide by next week one way or the other. I think I could do pretty well with the moot court thing. I will tell all my readers right from the start – if I do not make it to the second round in the moot court competition, I will be devastated. Totally devasted. Beyond the level of unhappiness I had about my GPA and way beyond my distress over not making law review. I’m not sure why that is, but I just know that it is so. So…considering I have so much energy invested into the moot court, perhaps I should just focus on that. In other news, I love my life. And I mean that. Taking just one step away from the daily ups and downs, I have everything I need or want. Great kids, an awesome man-friend, supportive family, good friends, and the educational opportunity of a lifetime. I hope all my readers have as much.


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Finding my place

Posted by newlawmom on October 24, 2008

Yes, there has been a shift. It is hard to explain. Law school is like home now. A comfortable place. I’ve fallen in love with it and made it mine. I’m finding my place, as I said in the headline. I’m more comfortable, happier, and more genuinely confident in my ability to succeed here. I am less shy and enjoying the experience more. I’m no longer feeling the need to hold. I went out yesterday and joined in a negotiation practice session with our competition team. And guess what? It was awesome. I’m going to participate in that intramural competition in January with the intent of doing my best. My entire life I have felt like I have needed to hold back on things just to fit in with people. And it is not necessary here. I can apply myself and allow myself to succeed and not feel like I am a threat to these people. Lord knows I have done that for long enough. I had a great week. I worked my butt off. But instead of feeling like I needed to work at it, it came natural. It’s like a job I love. It is very hard to put the shift into words, but it  definately happened. And everything is easier as a result.  I am actually looking forward to spending my weekend doing law school work. The more I get done the better. And yes, I will enjoy doing it. That is really nice.

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Law takes the day

Posted by newlawmom on July 5, 2008

July 4, 2008. This is really the first family get-together we have had since I made a decision about where to go to school. Seeing as how this is an anonymous blog it shouldn’t hurt to say  that I am attending law school on an almost full scholarship. So people in my family are a combination of happy, surprised, and curious.  A combination of high grades, a decent LSAT score, and a background of public service can combine to create awesome opportunities regardless of age.  However, when you start school realizing you’re starting at the top, the bottom looks awfully low. There are very high expectations. Some of those I set on myself, and some of those I believe come with the generous financial award. 

Most people in my life do not understand me well. I am most certainly the black sheep. The weird one. The one who is never satisfied and who never ceases to amaze. But thus far, for all my unusual and sometimes backwards approaches to doing things, I have not found genuine satisfaction.  I really hope that law school and whatever career follows it are satisfying. Everybody knows I will be successful at law school. It is the question of satisfaction that people are asking about. What will you do? Where will you do it? Do you think you will like it? And the answer is….I have no idea. All I know right now is that I need to go to law school. And I have accomplished that with flying colors.

Today is the birthday of our nation. I remember the bicentennial celebration in 1976 and calculate that we will be 250 in 2026.  My understanding of the USA and our constitution and bill of rights combined with an understanding of our economic systems does not look the same as a 3o-something woman as it did when I was seven. And that has more to do with the realities of daily life than it does to do with which men have served as president during my lifetime. Still, I do hope that everyone reading this will vote in November, and more importantly, participate in politics on a local level. I refrain from joining in political conversations at family events. But I was glad to hear the conversations happening. Somehow knowing I am attending law school led people to believe I wanted to hear about politics. I didn’t realize those two things went together for people.  Now….back to real life and two young boys who are on their way to bed after a long day.

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